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  • Picture View 1.1

    Picture View is a easy, usefull image viewers and image
  • PiP - Picture in Picture-Video-for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for Windows,
  • PiP - Picture in Picture for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for
  • RSS Edit 1.21

    RSS Edit is easy-to-use RSS feed editor that enables you to create and maintain news feeds on your web-site. RSS Edit generates feeds using version
  • MP3 WMA OGG tag edit 2.7

    MP3 WMA OGG Tag Edit is a great tool for editing data tags in sound files of any format. You can work with several files simultaneously or change the
  • PHP Edit 5.6.5

    "PHP Edit" - is a user-friendly tool for editing and testing and debugging PHPscripts and HTML/XML pages.Also has power syntax highlighting for PHP,
  • Edit PDF 4.08

    Do you have any PDF that you cannot edit or format? Edit PDF - an excellent PDF Editor program can help you effectively! Edit PDF software is one of
  • Edit 0.20

    You can edit your created text files according to your desires by using handy software Edit. It supports unlimited undo and redo as well as line
  • EdIt! 1.2

    EdIt! is a fast, mouseable replacement, windowed for DOSs EDIT command. Ideal for BAT and text files under 64k, especially on networks: no more
  • UV Map & Edit 1.02

    UV Map & Edit is a powerful, but simple to use solution to do UV mapping and editing inside of Cinema 4D. This plugin consists of three tools. The
  • SSH Edit 0.92

    SSH-enabled Notepad application. Allows you to edit files on any remote server on which you have an SSH account. SSH Editor is a FREEWARE,
  • X-Edit

    X-Edit is a software application that allows you to send data from a connected pedal music device.The software tool allows to display parameters and
  • AB-Edit 1.2.1

    AB-Edit is the comfortable text editor for work with multiple documents. Lots of usefull features: Drag'n'drop Code templates Bookmarks Unlimited
  • GR-20-Edit 10.0

    Patch editor for the Boss ME-25 guitar multi effects and Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer. The software allows desktop tweaking and editing of the
  • Vom Edit 1.0

    It provides a user-friendly operating environment with editing, monitoring and debugging functions which allows the user to become familiar with the
  • Hex Edit 3.5

    The major features of inclusive Hex Edit program are as follow: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use; it is capable of
  • JP Edit 2.0

    A Simple Text editor that's more than an editor. It let's you edit text files, run system applications (Explorer, Defrag, ScanDisk, Etc...), Browse
  • JSX Edit

    JSX Edit is a revolutionary new way to develop software, and a fast way to generate excellent JavaScript. - You start with JSX, a simple XML-based
  • BAR Edit 3.2

    BAR_Edit is a little software wich allow to change PCI configuration registers settings on all Motherboards, Extended PCI configuration registers on
  • D88 Edit 1.0.0

    D88 Edit is a tool for editing D88 disk image files. The D88 format is supported especially by emulators of Japanese computers. By opening a file
  • PDF edit 0.3.1

    PDFedit is free and open source Library for manipulating PDF documents, released under terms of GNU GPL version 2. It includes PDF manipulating
  • TI-Edit 0.3.1

    Screen Capture You like TI-Basic, it helps you make time shorter during your courses. But when school is over why would you stop programming on your
  • Address URL Edit 5.1

    You can use the updated version of Facebook Chat Emoticons for following reasons: you can get option page simply by clicking on options page; it
  • Mp3 Edit Magic 7+ Power Suite

    Creating and editing music has never been easier! Mp3 Edit Magic turns you PC into a recording studio. Whether you use it to record music , produce
  • Apex SQL Edit 2011.02

    ApexSQL Edit is an SQL Server code editor with advanced SQL formatting, refactoring and autocomplete functions. Edit SQL using code snippets,

    The Idle time and quick editor HTML pages - moreover all this with visual viewing and with the whole of editing (the insertions an tag , patterns and
  • Page Edit 4

    Page Edit Web authoring software for Windows 95/98 enables you to create Web pages without Html. The programs scripting engine is designed to
  • AD Photo Edit 1.5

    To upload edit and export images AD Photo Edit can help you because it is a user friendly application. You can upload images to the Active
  • Virtual Edit 3.03

    Create your own story in Virtual Edit, a simple video editing software tool that gives professional looking results. Virtual Edit is specifically
  • Edit Page 1.0

    Press the button to start editing! This addon will execute a script to enable edit more when the button or the "Edit Page" item was clicked.
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  • MyLife Photo Album & Editor 5 License 8.8

    MYLIFE Photos is the ultimate swiss knife of all photo album functions for your Digital Photo Lifestyle covering photos Database, Album, Organiser, viewers, scanner, email, slideshows, Photo frames, calendars,
  • Shock View 2.31

    view and edit your digital photos view and edit your digital photos, batch rename them with Shock view. Shock view is an image viewer for digital camera users. Shock view easily provides cute picture frames or
  • Super Picture Finder Grabber 4.15

    Super picture Finder Grabber 4.15 offers a professional picture finder, picture grabber,picture downloader all in one software. For searching and downloading pictures from any Web site. Super picture Finder Grabber has
  • CS: PARANOIA 1.0

    Counter Strike 1.6 PARANOIA player models full pack All models of players presented in a picture are in archive, except the zombie from the first picture. Installation: To place contents of archive in a directory
  • ALSee 6.22

    Quickly view, edit, organize, share, and print photos and pictures. Batch jobs let you add effects, borders, resize, rename, or convert image formats for thousands of pictures instantly. view slide shows with mp3 music,
  • Quick PDF Tools Pro

    Quick PDF Tools Pro allows you to preview PDF files, merge and split PDF files, edit document properties and initial view settings, and much more. It is available from the context-menu in Windows Explorer when you
  • Picture Convert to Hex II 1.1 Beta

    Now you can edit your pictures by adding a message on top of picture by using handy software picture Convert to Hex II. It supports Color ignore function while picture can be taken up to 300x300 pix, and can own
  • Alternate Pic View 1.424

    Alternate Pic view is a simple picture viewer and manipulator that allows you to view and edit images. A set of editing tools is as well integrated, like line drawing, circle drawing, text adding as a set of filters
  • Hexdataedit 1.21

    HexDataedit is a tool to view and edit hex binary data file. You can view and edit binary data in every type such as Byte, Integer, Float, String, etc. This is strongly available in binary data file. You can use it as
  • Super Image Picture Finder Grabber 4.15

    Super Image picture Finder Grabber -- picture Finder,picture Grabber,picture Downloader all in one software.For searching and downloading pictures from any web site. What is Super Image picture Finder Grabber? There is a
  • ImageUtilities CMM 1.1

    ImageUtilities CMM is a package of two CMM plug-ins which let you view and convert pictures in many useful ways. ImageConverter ImageConverter lets you convert pictures of any kind to PICT files or QuickTime image
  • Photo Stamper 3.0

    Photo Stamper is a powerful tool that enables you to browse, download, view (full screen slide show), manage, edit and master photos. It is designed to work with .JPG and .JPEG files. Photo Stamper has the unique
  • Flickr Gallery Plus! 0.84

    Flickr Gallery Plus! is an extension/a Greasemonkey userscript, offering you: * view one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it. * Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger.
  • FacebookManager Limited 1.0.8

    Web Responsive gives you a small Adobe Flex/AIR application called Facebook Manager Limited, that can be swiftly installed on your computer.This is an updated/extended version of the simple Facebook picture Uploader and
  • SplashPhoto for Symbian UIQ 4.21

    SplashPhoto turns your Sony Ericsson P-Series handheld into a mobile digital picture Frame. Simply edit and organize your favorite images with the included desktop software then sync with your handheld to view images on
  • QuickIT .NET 1.1

    QuickIT .NET is a small application used to simplify the navigation and organize your shortcuts, your folders and your favorites. Create, edit, remove shortcut file or assign an hot keys to get your application started
  • FamiliaBuilder 5.3

    A FamiliaBuilder personal PaGE can Now display multiple entries of the same type, like education, occupation, residence, etc. New SmartUpload (much smarter than before), which lets you upload only new and changed
  • Picturez 1.0

    picturez makes it possible to edit, trim, convert and/or resize many pictures in one step. It works very memory space-saving and has a Modern (MS Office2007-like) graphical user interface. It consists of two parts: The
  • WinROX 1.7

    WinROX Archiver is simple archiver to manage your files , Backup your files and compress it to 2 type ( ROX & Rax). Features WinROX : 1)Support 2 type archiver format (RoX v1.2 and RaX v1.2) 2)Compress Files Up to
  • Phocasa 1.0

    Phocasa program allows you to crop, rotate, resize, and flip your pictures easily. You can use it within your program and can also call it by command line. It is very to use; you just have to click on "edit picture",
  • Image Upload Column fo SharePoint 1.74

    Image Upload component is intended to upload and display pictures for list item. It provides ability to directly select a picture in file browsing dialog, upload and display it in the list view. Component provides quick
  • MultiPic 2.0.3

    MultiPic is a powerful picture Management and editing system that provides all the features needed by both busy picture desks and independent photographers to organise their stock of digital images, and to Streamline
  • WImageEditor 1.1

    picture property editor for Delphi. It combines two separate Delphi features in single window: picture property editor and image editor. Now you need not go to the Delphi image editor to edit picture, save it to some
  • Picture Data 2.1

    pictureData is designed to allow the user to keep track of all their pictures, movies or anything that has an image. You can store a digital preview image of the picture or the picture it's self. You can search for
  • Adobe InCopy CS5.5 7. 5. 2002

    Adobe InCopy CS5.5 software is a professional writing and editing solution that tightly integrates with Adobe InDesign® CS5.5 software to enable an efficient collaborative workflow between design and editorial
  • Image Upload Column 1.74

    Quick and simple way of uploading pictures. Image Upload component is intended to upload and display pictures for list item. It provides ability to directly select a picture in file browsing dialog, upload and display
  • BDedit 0.39

    Full view, edit and save of index.bdmv Insert, delete, edit Titles, First Playback and Top Menu Insert, delete, load, save ExtensionData Full view, edit and save of MovieObject.bdmv Insert, delete, edit MovieObjectss
  • Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2.523

    "Metadata" is additional information included in a file. Mainly, JPG files created by many digital cameras, mobile phones, etc store additional information about the file in JPG metada. Most of you are unaware of such a
  • ApproxMap 1.1.0

    ApproxMap is U.S. and world map application. It runs on Java version 6. Once you copy to your PC/Mac, you don't need Internet connection to view map. view map by latitude and longitude. Search map by city name. Modify
  • Photo Editor Software 3.32

    Photo editor Software is an efficient & very easy to understand & operate tool. Photo editor Software provides various features for image editing edit & processing for various purposes like to enhance the